Twenty-two teenagers signed up to be on a new series, Total Drama: The Tropics. While the application form promised delicious food and comfy beds,
the campers were shocked to find out that they would be staying in two small smelly cabins at a summer camp, competing against each other as individuals. Alliances will be formed, campmates will be eliminated, others will be mortal enemies. The cast will lose control and some will experience the walk on the dock of shame and enter the "Boat of Losers" and become dead meat, but someone will walk off with the grand prize of a thousand dollars.


The logo of TDR: The Tropics


Twenty-two teenagers signed up to be on a new series, Total Drama :The Tropics . While the application form promised delicious food and comfy beds, the campers were shocked to find out that they would be staying in two small cabins at a summer camp. Not only is the setting hard to deal with , but also are the challenges when campers face disgusting and death taking challenges.In this season 22 cast members will use their individual skills in several different missions like running on a platform that is 100 feet in the air while being thrown with obstacles or maybe solving a puzzle with spiders all over the hidden peices. However each mission will be a task to complete,If they pass it each winner will be safe from elimination and recieve coins that will help them to get into next season .If they fail they will need to pay it off in the elimination round which will take place in the campfire ceremony. Every challenger would pick to vote someone off, after all votes are tallied by Chris McLean "The Host".        


 Challenge-Elimination Format  Edit


The Dock of Shame.


The campfire ceremony where the votes are tallied.

This season is used as an individual format, which means that there are no teams at all in this challenge. Unless you form an alliance that will save you from getting your but kicked off. If you play dirty, there are chances of you going home for your disrespect. Every challenge there is either 3 or 5 winners, those winners are safe from elimination and they even get a chance to kick someone off. Those winners will recieve coins, which will be announce what they are used for later in the season. "Those coins are very valuable" as said by the host.

The boat that takes the losers to the Playa De Losers.

In the elimination every competitor gets to vote someone off, if voters do not vote for someone they will recieve a vote themselves for not participating which is their responsibility. After all votes are tallied by Chris, the campmate with the most votes will be eliminated. The eliminated loser will walk the dock of shame and be turned into dead meat. When, the dead meat walks the dock of shame he/she enters the Boat of Losers that will take he/she to the Playa of Losers. At the Playa De Losers, the eliminated competitors would have to be settling their for a couple of days until the season is over. However, near the ending of the season the eliminated campers would then go back to the Tropics two times for two reasons. The first one is that they will go back to eliminate a remaining camper. Then the next is for the finale where the four final challengers battle for the prize of a 100,000 dollars. Then the dead meat would go root for their favorite.

The suitcases which are ready for them when they are eliminated from TDT.

The Dock of Shame Edit

The Dock of Shame is the dock on the island. It was destroyed by the campers in the very first episode due to the large amount of weight put on it, but the interns rebuilt it within an hour or two. Every time a team loses a challenge they must report to the Campfire ceremony, where one camper is voted off. The person who is voted off must walk the Dock of Shame to catch a ride on the Boat of Losers.

Campfire Ceremony Edit

All contenders that are still in the game attend this elimination ceremony.Chris would hand out marshmallows to the campers and whoever didn't receive a marshmallow would be eliminated. The camper who is voted off must walk the Dock of Shame and then catch/ride the Boat of Losers. But they are not sent home, they go to a place called Playa Des Losers. The campfire ceremony is featured in almost every episode.

The Boat of Losers Edit

The Boat of Losers is a boat for the contestant who is voted off or eliminated in Total Drama: The Tropics. They all have an interview once they been eliminated.

The Suitcase Awaits Edit

 is a process in the Tropics where a camper is voted off and all campers who want to give their hugs and goodbyes. However, at times it is shown the camper packing up their stuff and leaving the island. At times, other friends do it for them.

The Playa De Losers: Dead Meat Edit

The Playa Des Losers is a luxury, five star resort that resides around the corner from the island. It is here where the Boat of Losers takes the ousted campers from Total Drama Tropics for their final trip and remain through out of the course of the game until the show is over. Despite its geographical location, Playa Des Losers appears to be in a tropical area, and holds all what one would expect of a high class resort, including a pool, hot tub, buffet table and assumed up to twenty rooms for the eliminated campers. The food served at the resort is assumed to be considerably better then Chef Hatchet's cooking.

Episode GuideEdit

Episode 01- "Is This Fat Camp?" Edit

  • Episode 01-"Is This Fat Camp?"
  • Challenge: Alliance Formal
  • Challenge Description: To form alliances to keep you safe from the game.
  • Main Role(s):
  • +Courtney
  • +Heather
  • +Gwen
  • +Trent
  • +Beth
  • No Winners
  • No Elimination
  • Note: There were no winners because the challenge was to make alliances.
  • Note: There was no elimination because it was the first day at camp. 

Episode 02-"The Not So Amazing Race" Edit

  • Episode 02-"The Not So Amazing Race"
  • Challenge: Race Around The Island
  • Challenge Description: In teams of three, the campers would race around the island and retrieve a green flag and return it back to campbase.
  • Main Role(s):
  • +Heather
  • +Harold
  • +Duncan
  • +Owen
  • +Sadie
  • Winners: Duncan,Harold,Heather
  • Eliminated: Sadie
  • Elimination Reason: Sadie was eliminated because she was dead weight on the island, she fainted so fast with the cast thinking she was no competition.
  • Note: Lindsay, however made a mistake on her challenge but didn't recieve one vote cause her friendly teammates for the challenge didn't inform anybody.

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