Episode 04 Have Fun Edit

Series Name
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date july 15 2011
Written by Jacob Lucas
Directed by Ivan Kyan
Episode Guide
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The challengers race around the island.Some get exhausted,make mistakes,get chased,but some cruise slowly in a cheap jeep adventure.

Plot Description Edit

250px-Yeah homeschool, educate us

Eva chokes Ezekiel after he caused his team the challenge.

The show starts off with Chris McLean, the host standing on the dock of shame. He has his auto-tone voice monitor and he screams "everybody wake up, now!!". He then tells the cast that they have 15 big minutes to get ready for the long challenge Bigs & Chewy( the challenge set up interns) set up for them. So, then the cast arrives at the dock of shame where Chris has been waiting. Chris is then counting the campers and it seems to be that there was one missing, Owen. Chris then calls Chef and tells him to wake up Owen. While the whole cast is waiting , you can see Chef dragging a sleepy Owen. Then minutes later, Owen arrives at the dock of shame and starts to awaken. Chris says that the challenge would be to get a green-colored flag at the other side of the island and return to the campbase and hand it to Chris. The campers then get angry because they didn't expect a hard challenge. Chris then tells them that there will be teams of three, meaning seven teams and leaving an odd one out. Chris then grabs a bag and says who ever he picks out of the bag won't participate and be safe from the first elimination. As he puts his hand into the bag, he then takes it out and picks Owen. Then Owen starts

Sadie cries after being eliminated first.

to celebrate, he asks Chris " can i go to sleep now?". Chris then replies "Yes, Owen you can go sleep now." Chef Hatchet then drives a slow-mysterious car to the campbase and tells the campers that three of them would be using it.   The  teams  were then announced (TO SEE TEAMS, look at challenge summary). The challenge then starts Heather,Harold,and Duncan get to a slow start cause of a slow jeep that hardly has fuel. Heather goes insane and tells them that if they lose the challenge, she will kill them. Harold and Duncan start to laugh until Heather gets a mad grin on    her face. The teams are ahead  with Lindsay, Beth  and Trent being in front of the race.

Duncan is upset to have a stupid Harold on his team.

There is arrows all over the campus that leads campers to the flags. As minutes pass by everyone is doing fine until Ezekiel's team is no where near no team meaning they are in last place. The reason for that is because Ezekiel goes to the woods to pee for a minute then causing Bridgette and Eva to lose the challenge because they are in his team. Eva then starts to chase Ezekiel, Ezekiel then runs back to campbase safely leaving Bridgette walking. While Lindsay's team makes a mistake as well, Beth and Trent were close to the flag but they were given wrong directions by Lindsay. Harold, Heather, and Duncan are then in sight of the flag and they retrieve theirs first. Unfortaneutly their cheap jeep starts to run even slower. Second place leads to Gwen,Cody, and Tyler, they recieve their flag and aren't so far behind the first place team. Sadie is then laying dead on the floor when she is exhausted from the challenge causing her, Courtney, and Justin lose the first challenge. Moments later

Heather,Harold,and Duncan in the jeep that is holding their flag.

 Duncan, Heather, and Harold recieve the win with other teams not even retrieving their flag yet. Chris then announces that they are safe from recieving the first boot. Then everybody goes to their cabins and while they are talking, Sadie tells almost everyone that she is just there to have fun and party with her BFF Katie. So everyone starts to think that she aint there for the million. Ezekiel is then choked by Eva because he caused his team to lose. Then it goes to the campfire ceremony and Heather, Sadie, and Ezekiel are the last three with no marshmellow. Lindsay recievs it, then Ezekiel recieves his eliminating Sadie from the game due to no dedication to the game and was fat that needed to be trimmed.

Challenge Description Edit

Race Around The Island Edit


  • Duncan,Harold,Heather ,Courtney (in a jeep)
  • Gwen,Cody,Izzy
  • Owen,Bridgette,Eva
  • Lindsay,Beth,Trent
  • DJ,Katie,Tyler
  • Sadie,Justin,Courtney
  • Noah,Geoff,Leshawna
  • Did Not Compete: Ezekiel


  • 1st Place-Duncan,Harold,Heather ,Courtney
  • 2nd Place-Gwen,Cody,Izzy


  • Ezekiel,Bridgette,Eva Team: Ezekiel went to pee in the woods for more than a minute and caused the team to disrupt.
  • Lindsay,Beth,Trent Team: Lindsay was giving wrong directions and was going the opposite direction.
  • Sadie,Justin,Courtney Team: Sadie was too exhausted and fainted during the long run.


  • Noah,Geoff,Leshawna were never ever seen competing in the challenge.
  • Beth and Trent both respected Lindsay by telling her it was okay and they werent gonna vote her off.

Campfire Ceremony Results Edit

Campmate Voted Off
Beth Eva
Bridgette Ezekiel
Courtney Sadie
Cody Sadie
DJ Justin
Duncan Sadie
Ezekiel Eva
Eva Ezekiel
Geoff Sadie
Gwen Sadie
Harold Sadie
Heather Gwen
Izzy Ezekiel
Justin Sadie


Leshawna Ezekiel
Lindsay Eva
Noah Ezekiel
Owen Noah
Sadie Ezekiel
Trent Sadie
Tyler Sadie

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