Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1 "Is This Fat Camp?"
The Campers
Air date November 24,2009
Episode Guide
The Not So Amazing Race

The twenty two contestants arrive at the island, find out that they will compete as individuals , and learn the rules of the competition they will be taking part in.

Plot DescriptionEdit

180px-Harold leshawna meet

DJ, Harold and Leshwna step off the boat and arrive at the island.

The show starts with Chris McLean(the host of the show) waiting outside his cabin door talking randomly to his parrot. Then the boat arrives which has all twenty two contestants. As soon as Chris sees the boat arrive, he throws his parrot to the floor and starts screaming so excitedly. He then goes on the dock where all contestants would be stepping in. Chris McLean then meets everyone and tells them that they are competing for a grand prize of a 100,000 dollars. He says that they will be competing for themselves and he also states that four competitors will make the finals. While everyone starts to cheer happily, Chris breaks the silence by telling them that it won't be easy. He then tells everybody he lied about the comfy beds and neat cabins. He says the cabins are smelly and the beds are itchy. He also states that there will be drama, lots and lots of drama. The contestants then get worried. Beth then asks Chris, how the challenges were going to be. Chris then laughs and says "you wouldn't want to know". Chris then tells the cast to go look for a bed to sleep in, and he then tells the cast to go to the campbase in 15 minutes. Moments later the cast gets to the campbase and a feud between Gwen and Heather start to rise. While they are walking down the cabin stairs, Heather trips Gwen and she laughs and walks away. Gwen starts to run after her, until Trent breaks it up. When the whole cast arrives to the campbase, Chef Hatchet, the secondary host of the show states that no one will be eliminated that night. Then he announces that the challenge will be an Alliance Formal meaning the cast has a day to form an alliance with anyone in the house. Chef then leaves sight and everyone starts to kiss up against each other.

Heather and Gwen start a feud causing Trent to stop it.

While Lindsay goes to the cabin to get her sunglasses, she is then stood up by Courtney. Courtney asks her if she wants to be in an alliance. Lindsay replies with a yes, and Courtney is then shown going up to an amount of five different people including,Tyler,Beth,Noah,Izzy,and DJ. Meaning she has a lot of allies. After a while, the different alliances are shown, because they are talking to each other in different places.

Challenge ResultsEdit

Alliance Formal Edit

Description: The challenge was for the 22 contestants to form an alliance with each other, they will have a day to form and get started.

The Alliances as seen in this episode.

  • Alliance: Katie and Sadie
  • Alliance: Beth,Lindsay,Ezekiel
  • Alliance: Heather, Harold, Courtney,Justin
  • Alliance: DJ,Owen,Tyler,Cody
  • Alliance: Izzy,Noah,Eva
  • Alliance: Duncan,Geoff, Bridgette,
  • Alliance: Leshawna, Trent,Gwen
  • Unkwown Alliance: Courtney,Owen,Tyler,Beth,Noah,Izzy,DJ

Episode Trivia Edit

  • The title reference was "fat camp".
  • The challenge was to form an alliance which was called an alliance formal.
  • DJ is the first camper to step on the island, Harold and Leshawna being second and third. 
  • Heather and Gwen are the frist to start off a feud on the Tropics.
  • Chef Hatchet was never introduced by Chris.
  • Lindsay is the last camper to settle on the island.
  • Katie and Sadie had knew each other before they got to the Tropics.
  • Owen falls into the water, after stepping off the boat wrong.
  • There was no elimination in this episode.

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